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Five Reasons to Be an Au Pair in Georgia

When you decide to become an au pair in the U.S., you may already have an idea of where you’d like to live. Maybe you’re fantasizing about the crowded streets and high energy of New York or dreaming of the sunny weather and beautiful beaches in California. In this post, we are giving you five reasons to be an au pair in Georgia.

Discover the rich history, exciting sports, natural beauty, and famous Southern hospitality of Georgia during your au pair year. From exploring historical sites and attending thrilling sporting events to enjoying year-round outdoor activities and experiencing the state’s unique culture, Georgia offers an unforgettable adventure.

While Au Pair USA always recommends choosing your match based on the host family, not the location, don’t rule out this gem of a state.

Georgia’s Rich History

Even though Native American tribes, including the Apalachee, Cherokee, and Choctaw, have lived in the area that is now Georgia for thousands of years, it wasn’t actually called Georgia until 1733, when it was established as the 13th colony. In 1788, Georgia officially became the fourth U.S. state. During a year of cultural exchange, there are lots of historical sites to visit and museums to learn more about Georgia’s history.

Georgia’s Sports

Georgia is home to several nationally recognized sports teams, including the Atlanta Braves baseball team, Atlanta Falcons football team, Atlanta Hawks basketball team, and Atlanta United soccer team. Many au pairs enjoy attending sporting events during their program year to cheer the local team on. You’ll have lots of options if you find yourself living in Georgia!

Georgia’s Natural Beauty

Georgia has no shortage of outdoor beauty. From hiking trails to beaches to waterfalls, Georgia has a lot to offer the au pair who enjoys outdoor adventures. If you like the water, you can usually find a lake, stream, or river if you’re not close to the Atlantic Ocean on Georgia’s east coast.

Georgia’s Weather 

Georgia may suit you well if you’re an au pair coming from a warm climate or hoping to enjoy one during your year abroad. The climate of Georgia is a humid, subtropical one. Most of the state has short, mild winters and long, hot summers. The good news is that you can go swimming or hang out outdoors most of the year with this type of weather. Although it does rain in Georgia, it only snows in certain parts of the state, which means you’re also not far from snow if you’re into skiing or snowboarding. 

Georgia’s Southern Charm

Being an au pair in Georgia means you’ll get to experience the U.S. culture’s southern charm. Southern charm (also known as Southern hospitality) refers to a cultural stereotype of people who live in Southern U.S. states, like Georgia, showing kindness, warmth, and a welcoming attitude toward visitors. It is a unique aspect of the state and its people that will make you feel welcome right away. 

Whether you match with a host family from Georgia or just decide to visit during your au pair year, we hope you’ll find it as outstanding a place as we think it to be at Au Pair USA! If you’re ready to start your au pair adventure, carefully screened host families from Georgia and other states await your arrival at Au Pair USA! 

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