Spring has Sprung

Spring is here! Whether you live in a place where you’re starting to see flowers bloom and temperatures rise or you’ve just got spring fever and can’t wait for it to happen, spring is in the air! Between upcoming spring break plans, spring sports seasons, and planning any summer trips, there’s a lot to think about as an au pair. Here are some spring tips to get you ready for the upcoming season:

Here’s a helpful educational video you can watch with your host kid to teach them about the seasons and hemispheres.

1. Get ready for spring break.

Most school-aged kids will get a week off of school during the spring season, known as spring break. Some families may need to work, which means you’ll likely be watching the kids all day and may need to plan for some fun, spring activities. Others may choose to travel during this time. Be sure to ask your host family if you’ll be traveling with them and are expected to work during that time or if you’ll have the week off and be able to schedule some of your own vacation time. Either way, be prepared for your typical routine to be sprung around a bit.

2. Spring sports are getting started.

Even if the temperature still feels like winter where you are, if your host kids are registered for spring sports, you may find yourself out on the baseball or softball field some afternoons. Be sure to dress you and your kids for the weather (layers are always a good idea if it’s chilly as the kids may get warm while they exercise), pack plenty of water and snacks and any equipment they may need for their particular sports.

3. Start planning any trips in the spring or summer.

It’s not too early to start planning some trips this summer. Talk to your Host Family about their plans and then discuss when you can do some exploring of your own. You can also talk to other au pairs and friends to see if they want to plan a trip together.  If you are planning to travel on your own, read our solo travel tips to maximize your fun and safety!

Spring is a great time for new beginnings and a fresh start. Why not do a little spring cleaning and organize your things? Take a look at who just arrived in your area and make a new au pair friend or two. Decide to visit someplace new that you weren’t planning to. Take advantage of this beautiful change in season during your au pair year in the U.S.!

If you or a friend is wanting to experience spring in the U.S.A., you can learn more about applying to become an au pair.

Marisa Lonic

Marisa is a lover of all things cultural exchange. She and her family have hosted au pairs from Brazil, Germany, Colombia, Spain, and Ecuador. As a mom of four and the founder of Mama Work It, she helps working moms juggle mom life, work life, spouse life, fill in the blank life through her books, courses and coaching programs.