Is an Au Pair for Rich People Only? Common Misconceptions

Is Au Pair For Rich People

The notion that an au pair is for rich people only has been a prevailing misconception for many years. But is this actually the case? This article explores some of the myths surrounding au pairs and sheds light on why hiring an au pair is not merely a privilege of the wealthy but a feasible option for low-to-middle-income families as well. 

Myth 1: The Cost of an Au Pair Is Too Expensive

Reality: While hiring an au pair might initially seem like a luxury, it can be a truly cost-effective option when compared to other childcare solutions like daycare or hiring a full-time nanny. An au pair program, like the one offered by Au Pair USA, typically includes a fixed stipend and provides clear guidelines on expenses. This makes factoring au pair cost into the budget easier for host families.

Your family’s location impacts these costs, but according to Practiced Mom, a traditional nanny will cost between $50-90K per year in the Bay Area, while a nanny-share will cost each participating family unit roughly half that, depending on the arrangement. A daycare center can cost anywhere from $10K to $25K per year per child, depending on the location, quality, and hours. In contrast, the total live-in cost of an au pair per year averages approximately $20K.

This includes the au pair’s stipend (paid directly by the host family), flights, training, visa, year-long support from a local coordinator, and the program costs to place the perfect caregiver with your family. This means that hosting an au pair can save you thousands of dollars per year compared to other childcare options, especially if you have more than one child or need flexible hours. And above all of that, your child or children will have the opportunity to experience cultural exchange early in their development, which is invaluable.

Myth 2: Au Pairs Are Only for Families with Multiple Children

Reality: Au pairs can be a great option for families with even just one child. The personal and cultural experience an au pair brings can be valuable to any family, regardless of the number of children. An au pair can help nurture a child’s development and provide individualized care that caters to the unique needs of the family.

Myth 3: You Need a Large Home to Host an Au Pair

Reality: Hosting an au pair doesn’t require a mansion. Many au pairs are comfortable with modest accommodations. What’s most important is a welcoming environment and a private space for them to live in.

Myth 4: Au Pairs Are Only for Full-Time Working Parents

Reality: Au pairs can be a tremendous asset for various family structures, including those where one parent works part-time or stays at home. The flexible nature of au pair programs allows families to tailor the support according to their specific schedules and needs.

The Benefits of Hiring an Au Pair for Low-to-Middle-Income Families

  • Cost-Effectiveness: When compared to other childcare alternatives, au pairs can be a more budget-friendly option. The fixed costs allow families to plan and allocate their finances more efficiently. While every family’s circumstances are different, you may be surprised when you research “how much does an au pair cost per year” and discover just how accessible some programs are.
  • Cultural Exchange: Hosting an au pair is not just about childcare; it’s also about cultural exchange. The unique cultural perspective an au pair brings can enrich a family’s life and provide a global education for the children.
  • Flexible Support: An au pair can provide tailored support based on the family’s specific needs, schedules, and preferences.
  • Personalized Care: Unlike large childcare centers, an au pair offers one-on-one attention, ensuring that the children’s individual needs and development are prioritized.


Your household income and budget are unique to your circumstances, but certainly, there are much more costly childcare options to choose from. The myth that au pairs are exclusive to rich families is just that—a myth. With proper planning and understanding, hosting an au pair can be accessible and beneficial to families across a variety of income brackets. By exploring the options and learning how much is an au pair, families might discover a wonderful opportunity to provide quality care for their children and enrich their family life in ways they never thought possible.

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