Winter Cultural Exchange Ideas With Your Au Pair

Au pair Carolina and her host kids celebrate traditions on Christmas morning.
Au pair Carolina and her host kids celebrate traditions on Christmas morning.
Image courtesy of au pair Carolina

Winter is here, and with it comes amazing opportunities for cultural exchange! What may seem normal to host families could be an exciting new experience for au pairs. Here’s a list of activities to share with your au pair over the next few months. Share yours with us on Instagram!

  • Cut down a Christmas tree and decorate it together.
  • Cook and savor a traditional Thanksgiving meal.
  • Go shopping on Black Friday
  • Watch holiday themed-movies, like on Lifetime, Netflix, or Hallmark.
  • Attend local holiday events like tree lightings, parades, festivals, or fairs.
  • Prepare your classic family holiday dishes, and ask your au pair to share theirs.
  • Bake cookies.
  • Sport matching pajamas.
  • Watch American football, and don’t forget to go to a Superbowl party!
  • Cozy up in front of the fire as a family.
  • Volunteer in your community with your children and au pair.
  • Video chat with your au pair’s family in their home country.
  • Play outside – snow angels, anyone?
  • Check-in with your Local Coordinator to see what they have planned for the monthly au pair events.

We hope you make the most of this winter with your au pair!

Joy Lo

Joy is a huge advocate for cultural exchange. She's lived across the U.S. and various countries around the world including the UK, Australia and Indonesia. She has a unique perspective on working and thriving in other cultures. She's been a contributing author on Au Pair USA program.