Sharing American Halloween Traditions

Halloween is almost here and, like everything, it comes with its own checklist of things to do!  

  • Plan a trip to the pumpkin patch to find a jack-o-lantern 
  • Help your kids decide on costumes and then get those costumes
  • Add some decorations to your house for fun
  • And stock up on candy!

Seeing Halloween through a child’s eyes makes it even more fun.  It’s a day filled with excitement, make-believe, a bit of spookiness, and lots of sugar. 

Seeing it through the eyes of an au pair makes it even more fun for the whole family. Chances are that your au pair’s country doesn’t celebrate Halloween like we do. While the concept of dress-up parties is found in other countries, the tradition of going door to door for trick-or-treating is likely something they’ve only ever seen in movies.  

Whenever our own au pair experienced something new in our home, I used it as an opportunity to let my kids become mini teachers of American culture. I fondly remember my son going door to door with our Brazilian au pair Angelica, who was dressed as a Minion, explaining, “You have to say Trick or Treat”. He was a good little cultural ambassador and wanted to show why halloween was so much fun!  Angelica was a great sport and really enjoyed the chance to experience this American tradition!

Besides memorable moments of cultural exchange like this, there are also many practical advantages to having an au pair support your family with the Halloween season. For example, if you’ve got multiple kids at multiple schools, or even a baby at home, an au pair can allow for you to be present for the Kindergarten Halloween parade or the classroom Halloween party.  They can manage preschool pick up or baby’s nap time at home so you don’t need to miss out on the fun at the elementary school. 

Or maybe the Friday before Halloween, you get invited to a grownup-only costume party?  No need to start texting a bunch of neighborhood babysitters (who probably are also going out to their own Halloween parties).  You have the flexibility to adjust your au pair’s schedule so you can enjoy a spooky night out.

Then, there’s always the dilemma of Halloween itself.  Who will hand the candy out to the neighborhood kids if everyone in your house is out trick or treating?  An au pair would probably enjoy being the candy gatekeeper, maybe even with a friend, cozy at home while you trick or treat with the kiddos.  

If having an au pair join your family this Halloween sounds like just what you’re looking for, apply here to learn more.  We’ve been welcoming au pairs to the USA for over 30 Halloweens, no trick.  Your family will undoubtedly have an even sweeter Halloween with the treat of an au pair from Au Pair USA in your home to celebrate with you.