Au Pair Taynan Calms the Chaos for This Working Parent

Meet host mom Dalya of San Diego! With two twin boys and a successful career, Dalya knows how chaotic yet wonderful life can be. As a busy parent, Dalya adores the consistency that the au pair program brings to her household, and she and her Brazilian “BroPair” pair Taynan make a solid team. Dalya shares a window into her life with an au pair.

Au pair Taynan and his host boys.
Au pair Taynan and his host boys. Image courtesy of Dayla

“As a single parent with two boys, life can be chaotic. Enter my au pair, Taynan. From the moment my boys met him at the airport, I could see they had an incredible connection and that he would be perfect for my boys. He has been the most amazing au pair, adding incredible value to both my life and my two little 6.5-year-old boys. He is incredibly loving, kind, patient, creative, and respectful and can share and teach these beautiful character traits to my boys.

Image courtesy of Dayla

“Having an au pair is like having another mature big brother or sister, adult role model, teacher, and caregiver in the home. No matter what stage my kids have been in, this additional loving adult helps to keep the home running smoothly, and the kids feeling loved and supported at all times.

Image courtesy of Dayla

“Taynan has brought his music, singing, and loving culture to my home, which has especially helped during times when my family needed calmness and peace. He pulls out his guitar and lulls my boys to sleep with songs from Brazil. He helps with every task to keep our home running smoothly, including supermarket shopping, finding new soccer sneakers, and getting my boys to their activities. Taynan has been a source of strength during trips to the hospital and has put plenty of bandaids on many booboos. Most of all, he is loving and kind and is another member of my family.

Image courtesy of Dayla

“Taynan has embraced my family, and in turn, we have included him in everything we do. Tay has shared his Portuguese with my boys, and now they love greeting him every day with “Tudo Bem?”, meaning “How are you?” My boys adore him, which makes my life better, and I can have some personal time away from home, knowing they are safe and loved.

“Having an au pair is the best decision any family can make, and I am so pleased that Au Pair USA has brought such an incredible person to my family and home!”

Joy Lo

Joy is a huge advocate for cultural exchange. She's lived across the U.S. and various countries around the world including the UK, Australia and Indonesia. She has a unique perspective on working and thriving in other cultures. She's been a contributing author on Au Pair USA program.